Vestry Road Spiritualist Church Make Friends with Heaven…  Based in Walthamstow East London A Fairy SNU SNU Enter here He doesnt look very happy Inside ! Do you believe in faries

Vestry Rd Walthamstow London E17

Poem By Mary A Spirit Guide from Heaven Mail: Mobile 07551 577 226 Other Churches Nearby - Dagenham 10 minutes walk from the tube  Every Wednesday  A map is on the website - Even Parking by Church Centre We are a Spiritualist Centre based at Ted Ball Hall in  Dagenham events every Thursday evening at 7.30  check out  our Facebook group and find our where  we are or leave a message. Many things happening - Very Busy ! Ilford Spiritualist Church Services Thursday Afternoon  click on facebook logo Beacon of Light Enfield Click - Logo Due to recent Events and the church Roof needs repairing Vestry Rd Church is Closed until further notice ….